Mai La

Mai La from the Germline Stem Cell Biology Research Group at Hudson Institute

Mai La


PhD student

Area of study

Germline Stem Cell Biology

Year of enrolment


Why did you choose Hudson Institute and your research group?

I have always been fascinated about adult stem cell biology and their ability to maintain tissue integrity during homeostasis and initiate regeneration upon injury. I chose Hudson Institute and my research group because of the focus on understanding stem cell biology, using germline stem cells as a model system. I always get a lot of support and guidance from my supervisor – Associate Professor Hobbs and my group members, which is the main reason that I continued doing a PhD in the same lab after completing my Honours degree.

What is your research about and what do you hope to achieve?

My research focuses on understanding mechanisms regulating male germline stem cell function and fate decisions using the mouse as a model. Germline stem cells are fundamentally important for male fertility by supporting ongoing gamete production throughout adulthood and species continuity. I’m particularly interested in cellular signalling pathways that govern germline stem cell function under distinct physiological contexts, including regeneration and ageing.

How will your research help others?

We are hoping that through discovery research, we will generate important insight into how germline stem cells are regulated, their roles in maintaining male fertility, and broader implications for adult stem cell biology.