Professor Rosemary Horne, Research group head for Infant and Child Health at Hudson Institute

Professor Rosemary Horne, NHMRC Senior Research Fellow

Professor Rosemary Horne is one of seven Deputy Centre Heads of The Ritchie Centre, Hudson Institute, where she heads the Infant and Child Health theme.

Her research interests focus on sleep in infants and children and current research projects are investigating mechanisms involved in the Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI), development of cardio-respiratory control in preterm infants and the effects of sleep disordered breathing on daytime performance and the cardiovascular system in children. She has received funding from the NHMRC, the Heart Foundation and both national and international SUDI organisations to support her research. Professor Horne’s findings have had clinical impact, with her study outcomes changing treatment approaches for sleep-disordered breathing in children, as well as advice provided to parents to reduce their baby’s risk of SIDS.

Professor Horne has an international reputation in her field and is the Chair of the Physiology working group of the International Society for the Prevention of Infant Death. She is a Director of the International Paediatric Sleep Association and is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Sleep Research, Sleep, and Sleep Medicine.

She has published more than 170 research and review scientific articles and has been an invited speaker at a number of national and international sleep and SUDI research conferences. She has supervised 16 PhD students and 40 honours and masters students to completion.

Selected publications

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