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Research Group Head: Dr Jason Cain

The goal of the Cancer and Developmental Biology Research Group directed by Professor Watkins is to study how aberrant activation of embryonic signalling pathways contributes to the initiation, growth, and self-renewal of cancer. This work is based on the idea that a very limited number of signalling pathways, which are highly conserved in evolution, is required for self-renewal in development, organ repair, and cancer.

The primary focus of the laboratory is the Hedgehog (Hh) pathway. The team has played a part in understanding this pathway’s biological role in cancer and repair, and helped in the development of new ways of inhibiting the pathway in cancer. The clinical focus of the laboratory is small cell lung cancer (SCLC), with the goal of inhibiting the regeneration of tumours following chemotherapy.

The team’s experimental work includes:

– Mouse models of cancer
– Chemoresistance
– Epigenetics
– Stem cell biology
– Neural development
– Preclinical models of cancer

Research Group
Dr Jason Cain (Research Group Head)

Selected publications

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