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The gastrointestinal microbiota plays an essential, though poorly understood role in many aspects of human biology. Emerging evidence suggests the bacterial community structure can impact diseases as diverse as autoimmune diseases, cancers and infections. Despite this importance, many of the species of bacteria that inhabit this environment remain to be grown in the laboratory, let alone genome sequenced or their interactions with the human immune system characterised. Research within the Microbiota and Systems Biology laboratory applies genomics, computational and systems biology, microbiology and immunology to develop our understanding of these bacteria, their genomes and reciprocal interactions with the human immune system that lead to disease or maintain health.

Using cutting edge bacterial culturing, genomics and host-transcriptomics, our research builds on a strong, fundamental understanding of basic microbiology, immunology and systems biology to develop therapeutic options for many conditions and diseases. Potential treatment options developed through this work range from methods of biomarker detection to guide therapy or control the spread of antimicrobial resistance within the healthcare system through to identification of optimal bacterial communities and the development of conventional and bacteriotherapy based clinical interventions to improve human health.

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Selected publications

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