Dr Samuel Forster, NHMRC Career Development Fellow

Dr Samuel Forster leads the Microbiota and Systems Biology Laboratory within the Centre of Innate Immunity and Infectious Diseases. Dr Forster completed his PhD with Professor Paul Hertzog investigating the whole transcriptome response to type I interferon signalling in macrophages. At the completion of his PhD, Dr Forster was awarded a NHMRC CJ Martin Biomedical Fellowship to undertake post-doctoral research at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute with Dr Trevor Lawley. In Cambridge, Dr Forster’s work resulted in the development of methods to culture the majority of human gastrointestinal microbiota, advanced algorithms for metagenomics analysis and identification of rationally selected bacteriotherapy candidates. His research has resulted in publications in numerous prestigious journals including Nature, Nature Medicine, Nature Immunology, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Communications, EMBO Journal and Bioinformatics.  Since his return to Hudson Institute, Dr Forster has been awarded a NHMRC Career Development Fellowship (2019-2022).

Research within Dr Forster’s laboratory combines microbiology, immunology and computational biology to understand the role of gastrointestinal microbiota and determine ways to modify these communities to improve human health.

Selected publications

  • Browne HP*, Forster SC*, Anonye BO, Kumar N, Neville BA, Stares MD, Goulding D, Lawley TD (* equal first authors) (2017) Culturing of ‘unculturable’ human microbiota reveals novel taxa and extensive sporulation. Nature 533(7604):543-546.

  • Forster SC*, Browne HP, Kumar N, Hunt M, Denise H, Mitchell A, Finn RD, Lawley TD* (*co-corresponding authors) (2016) HPMCD: the database of human microbial communities from metagenomic datasets and microbial reference genomes. Nucleic Acids Res D1:604-609.

  • Forster SC, Finkel AM, Gould JA, Hertzog PJ (2013) RNA-eXpress annotates novel transcript features in RNA-seq data. Bioinformatics 29(6):810-812.

  • Rusinova, I*, Forster SC*, Yu S, Kannan A, Masse M, Cumming H, Chapman R, Hertzog PJ (*equal first authors) (2013) Interferome v2.0: an updated database of annotated interferon-regulated genes. Nucleic Acids Res 41: D1040-1046.

  • Forster SC (2017) Illuminating microbial diversity. Nat Rev Microbiol 15(10):578.